Hybrid Engine

Hybrid Engine

What is a drone hybrid engine?

There is no drone hybrid engine yet, however it is being developed.

Most drones cannot fly over half an our and this may be enough as a hobby, however, the real drones revolution has to take place with the commercial options.

Assembling bigger batteries is expensive, they are heavier and they need a longer charging time.
That said, the hybrid solution seems to be a good one. A hybrid engine is the one powered by both fuel and electricity.
This is not a new invention. as it is already implemented in cars, where when the engine works powered by fuel, it also charges the battery, so when the battery is charged it powers the engine instead of the fuel. In other words, the hybrid engine acts also as a generator.

The advantage of such solution is a longer flying time and a higher fly velocity.

We are sure that in few months this option will be available.



Our latest project. The most powerful multirotor UAV in the market, with 2.5 hr. flight time.
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Have contributed to this project: Avante Extremadura Agrotech, Moriwaky, GII Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.