What is FPV?

FPV is the acronym of First Person View.

Piloting a flying machine from the ground by remote control is limited to to the distance the operator can view. If he sees the drone, he will succeed to drive it wherever he decides.
The problem arises when the operator cannot see his copter. This is where the technique of FPV starts its role.

The flying machine has a camera attached to it and the operator sees in the controller what the camera sees. That’s how he can manage to fly the drone like he was piloting inside it.
This ability is important as it allows to fly the drone for long distances and to avoid obstacles during the flight.

In simple words, this technique turns the camera into the eyes of the operator.

What is RPV?

RPV is another acronym to describe the same situation and stands for remotely piloted vehicle.

It seems to be easy to fly a drone using FPV. It is not, however, practicing is the the way to master and enjoy the hobby.


Drone Flying Tips - FPV Beginner Mistakes

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