Flying Time

Flying Time

What is a drone flying time?

The obvious answer is the time a drone flies.

However, the intention of the question is to check the maximum time a specific device is able to stay on air, in most cases around 30 minutes or less.

This number is not always true, and it refers to a new device.
Many variables affect the flying time of a drone.

Battery quality, age and usage.
The higher the number of some or all above variables, the shorter time a drone will fly.

Weight of the drone.
There is, in some devices, an option to add a second battery. It will not double the flying time but will increase it for sure. The cause of just increasing is the new weight added to the machine.

The more windy the environment is, the more the drone will have to work harder and the usage of the battery will be more intense, so flying time will be shorter.

It is advisable to consider having always a spare margin time when planning a fly as you will never know when exactly the battery will stop powering.


Phantom 4 vs Solo - Flight Time Test

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The DJI Phantom 4 and 3DR Solo are both supposed to fly 20+ minutes on a full battery. In this video, we take both out with 100% charged batteries fresh off the charger and test them out. We flew them both in a 10mph wind down to 20% battery. We realize this was not 100% scientific, but rather a single data point. Check it out and see how they did!