Drones Near Me

Drones Near Me

When you plan to buy a drone, you have to do your due diligence exploring different offers.

Searching online is the best way to go.


The first query should be looking for “drones for sale near me”.
Search engines are smart and probably know where is your physical location, whether the search is made from your desktop or from your mobile phone. They will present you results matching your query and your location.
These results will be only specific drone stores or other places selling also drones.
The advantage of this is the ability to talk to someone with experience on the topic. You’ll also be able to see and touch the device before you purchase.

The other option is buying online from a prestigious supplier.
Our website presents you a huge amount of options, from Amazon.
The benefit of browsing online is having a huge amount of options, within a large range of prices and many special offers concerning discounts and bonuses.
You will find online many more opportunities than in a local business.
More than that, every page presents you additional information, such as reviews and bought together accessories.

There is an important topic when buying online from Amazon, it is the option to return the product and getting a refund. This minimizes the risk to almost zero.

Watch this video to see some suggestions to consider when choosing your first drone:


How to choose your first DRONE


DRONES, DRONES, DRONES... In today's episode @perfectletsdoitagain, and official go girl Shannon McCabe get a lesson in areal cinematography from the infamous Piggish450 (http://www.youtube.com/user/Piggish450). Twelve27 Films is gearing up to get into the areal cinematography game and needs something both, easy to use, and legit enough to offer as a stable in their filmmaking toolkit, but the race seems to be down to the DJI Phantom 2 OR the newly released IRIS+

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