What is a drone?

If you open a dictionary, like in old times, you will discover that a drone is a male bee.
The main function of a male bee is to mate with a queen.

If you search on the net, you will meet a new definition: a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV.
In other words a drone is a new type of flying machine, without a human pilot in it. It is managed by remote control.

Autonomous flying devices have been in existence for many years ago, however a new technology ended with the production of new UAVs, drones or quad copters.

Nowadays, drones are used in several fields such as military, agriculture, movies, spying, rescue, hobbies and many more.


MagicLab - 24 Drone Flight

My latest production, utilizing autonomous drones, quadcopters, flying close to and around my body like a flock of trained birds. As legislation about the use and safety of flying drones is being debated around the world, this is a timely demonstration.

Working with Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi and their team at Rhizomatiks Research in Tokyo, the goal is to create an intimate and artistic interaction between man and machine.

Behind-the-scenes video here:

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