Bionic Bird

Bionic Bird

What is a Bionic Bird?

A bionic bird is another form to name an Ornithopter.

An Ornithopter is a device capable to fly as a bird, by flapping wings.

The Greek word Ornithos means bird.

Leonardo Da Vinci, inspired by birds drew, in 1485, detailed plans for a human-powered ornithopter.
There is no evidence that such a machine was constructed, but the idea came alive some years ago, due to the evolution of the technology combined with new needs.

Sean Kinkade is supposed to be the one who revived this old idea, designing and creating RC Ornithopters.

Unfortunately, he died in a fatal car accident, in 2013.

a-bionic-bird-drones-centerSince then, many different types arrived to the market, and nowadays it is easy to find low cost yet reliable bionic bird toys.
These toys are able to fly, without major problems, during 10 minutes.

Hobbyists like to interact with real birds and investigate birds’ behavior when meeting an artificial like them.

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The Amazing Ornithopter: SK Slow Hawk

On February 23rd 2013 the inventor and builder of these amazing birds died in a fatal car accident. He will be missed. The future of the SK Ornithopter is unknown as they are currently not on the market.

Its summer time and the birds are out flapping, radio control birds that is..

This is the Slow Hawk brought to us by Sean Kinkade. Each Orni he makes is tailor made to your taste and this one is another winner. The Slow Hawk offers superior performance, stability and durability and is damn right fun to fly. Check out the sweet moves made by this fascinating bird!

Check out the website!

Piloted by Robert from NuvAero Flight Systems

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