Armed Drones

Armed Drones

Life is constantly changing, due to technology evolution.

Remote controlled flying machines have existed for a long time, either as military devices or as hobbies.

The quite new technology of quad copters drones, combined with mass production abilities, ended in an arising trend of new low cost flying toys.
These innocent toys could easily be transformed into flying weapons.

The first example of a weapon is a spying one. It is very simple to watch into a forbidden entry property from a long distance. More than that, it is possible to spy from the ground on a window on the 10th floor.
Most drones have today HD cameras, so this task is nowadays quite easy to perform.

More complicated yet possible arming options could be adding explosives, gases and other weapons to a drone, like air pressure guns.

Armed Drones are creating a huge challenge to flying regulations and not less important to police forces.
They have to start thinking about discovering such arms and creating new strategies and tools to defend from these new weapons.


Drones have been weaponized for domestic use.

Armed drones have been a part of our world for a long time but what about armed drones for domestic use?

Recently the city of Lucknow India announced its intention to arm small multirotor drones for crowd control. They are hoping that by dropping "pepper powder" on crowd it will cause them to disperse.

A company in South Africa called Desert Wolf has also been selling an armed drone that can fire 80 rounds per second from compressed air guns. They are marketing this drone specifically for crowd control purposes.

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