6 Axis Gyro

6 Axis Gyro

What is a 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter?

A quadcopter is supposed to fly stable, particularly in a windy environment.

Engine speeds, Gyro and Accelerometer are the core pieces of information that are transmitted in a negative feedback loop to prevent the drone from going into unwanted oscillations.

The gyro is in charge of resisting side forces maintaining a reference direction in the navigation of the drone.
It allows the calculation of orientation and rotation, providing stability to the flight.

The original gyroscope is a wheel spinning around an axis which is independent from the rotation of the mounting.
The evolution of technology brought several modern gyros such as electronics, fiber optics and quantum.

The 6 axis gyro system, adopted by most modern quadcopters drones, consists of 3 more accelerometers in addition to the three standard orientation sensors.
Having six sensors makes easy to detect both unusual attitude and a fall.


Cheerson CX-10 4CH 2.4GHz 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Review

Buy Here:http://goo.gl/gAQb6L

The main body reprensents a 40mmx40mm squa.
The total weight of the CX-10 (including the 100mAh LiPo) is 11.9g so relatively light compared to a WLtoys V272 for example.
4 screws are locking the two parts of the canopy. The bottom part is scaling.
This quad is an excellent nanoquadcopter: stable, fast, robust. light, LVC alarm,and deviationTX compatible but in another hand, you can't insert a spare LiPo if you want to increase your fun time. For 21 USD, you can't be wrong with this quad !!!